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Atlas Truck Sales was founded by Sam Brockman and Max Yaffe.  During World War II, Sam ran a fleet of trucks along the notorious Burma Road.  Thus, began a lifelong love of trucks.  At that time, Easton Avenue was automobile and truck alley in St. Louis.  Sam selected a vacant lot on Easton and began construction of the future home to his truck business.  Sam was a big man.  His experiences on the Burma Road taught him the strong could shoulder any task.  He chose Atlas as the name and symbol for his business.

Atlas became a major force on Easton Avenue.  As America shifted into high gear following the War, Atlas prospered.  Auto transports were in high demand and Atlas became the primary supplier for dealers nationwide.  He branched out into all types of trucks and his business continued to grow.

In 1972, his long time partner, Max Yaffe, passed away suddenly.  To fill his shoes, Sam brought his son, Gary, into the business.  the apprenticeship lasted until 1978 when Sam suffered a fatal heart attack.

Gary took over the business. He bought out his neighbors property, expanded inventory, and a new focus on basic work trucks of all sizes.

Today, Atlas is the premiere Midwestern source for contractors and small businesses seeking a dependable and utilitarian truck.  Our inventory consists of 100 units on any given day.  As we enter into the new millennium, Atlas is bigger and stronger than ever.
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